Monday, April 20, 2015

Loving William Bowie!

The distinct application of gold, silver, and bronze leaf to his sculptures made Bowie's art unique and added a wonderful "sparkle". Working out of his New York Studio in the 1960's a complete bio can be found here: William Bowie Bio

Some of his best pieces can be seen in this 60's catalog of his work, including a panoramic view of his studio.

Sculptures pictured: Flock, Starfire, Skyline, and Hivaro

Sculptures pictured: Starburst, Aztec, Convolusions, Ormolu

Sculptures pictured:  School, Peacock Chimes. Wedge Tree, Reflections

Sculptures pictured: Copper Oysters, Shoto, Convolo Table, Cattails

Sculptures pictured: Sunburst. Petala, Turuko, Sona

Several of these are available on